Best Collection of Attitude status for WhatsApp

What’s life without the right attitude? Welcome to our exclusive collections of Attitude status for WhatsApp, intended to offer something new for everyone looking for great ideas.

Statuses on WhatsApp are a new way to show off your mood, mindset and an amazing pool of new thoughts, and we are here to offer all kinds of unique WhatsApp status related to attitude. From some of the innovative thoughts to unique one-liners to impress your contacts, we have something for all.

attitude status for whatsapp

All our attitude status updates for WhatsApp are contributed by a team of content experts and copywriters, who love to show their remarkable sense of humor. We have all kinds of witty and unique status updates, and our collections are original and meant for WhatsApp and social media only. Your attitude on WhatsApp can send the right message for your contacts, and we always work on offering new stuff on our website. We have created a large collection, which is exploding on a regular basis. In fact, we started off this segment only after we received hundreds of requests after our initial other segments were launched.

Start checking the long list of Attitude status for WhatsApp right away!

Attitude status for WhatsApp collection

1.     Life never promised to be great; it was meant to be real.

2.     Change your attitude towards hardships, and you will find the real reasons to live.

3.     I didn’t want to be special, but the one with a positive mind.

4.     We weren’t meant to be because I don’t like weak minds and weaker hearts.

5.     I love myself more than anything else. That’s how I beat the stress.

6.     Attitude isn’t about your ego. Change your mindset, or you will prove again ‘morons are for real’.

7.     This status is oozing positive feelings. Stop showing your attitude here.

8.     It’s hard to understand me, for my mind is way stronger than your self-esteem.

9.     I love the world, especially when someone is as stupid as you.

10.  This status is like my attitude. The less you see, the better.

11.  Get away from my status. I cannot stand your face, neither that bad level of attitude.

12.  I don’t write statuses for others to steal. Keeping this one simple for all!

13.  Style isn’t about what you wear, but more about what you think.

14.  I wish I could stay with you for long so that I could tell you more about your bad attitude.

15.  Grow up guys! This status isn’t going to reflect my amazing personality.

16.  It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor, but it matters if you have a strong attitude towards life.

17.  You can skip everything in life, except for my amazing attitude. That’s the kind of personality you can never have!

18.  Stay ahead of the world with a simple smile. People understand positivity more than anything else.

19.  I don’t have an attitude that speaks volumes. I just like to keep away from idiots.

20.  Don’t let anything in the world judge you for who you are.

21.  I am not strong, but I have the patience and attitude to survive it all.

22.  This status isn’t meant for weak hearts. Stay away, unless you are ready for my world of unconditional love.

23.  I wrote this status just for you. So that you can feel how stupid you are!

24.  Great people don’t have great lives. They just know that attitude can change it all.

25.  You are amazing and stupid too because you keep following my status.

26.  As much as I love you, I love my attitude and peace of mind more than anything else.

27.  She was angry with me for my attitude, but I cannot help with something I am born with.

28.  Life has been throwing lemons, but thankfully, I know the art of making lemonades.

29.  You don’t need a big life, but just a handful of positive ideas.

30.  There’s no escape from stupid people. They even haunt in our status views.

31.  Love isn’t about winning, but I like to keep my rewards.

32.  If you are looking for something in this status, I am sure you still don’t have a life.

33.  Attitude isn’t about winning battles. It is more about winning hearts.

34.  Mind is capable of anything. So yes, I can deal with you and your stupidity.

35.  You can do everything you want, except for decoding this status.

36.  I am not changing my attitude, but I think you can change your mind.

37.  It’s good to have one friend who can spread happiness, instead of spending time with many morons.

38.  You can be smart and stupid at the same time. That’s how love and life are supposed to be!

39.  If you know me, you will stay away. Your mean mind cannot handle my optimistic attitude.

40.  I am looking ahead to my next vacation. At least, you will see my Instagram instead of my status.

41.  Life will keep surprising us. It’s best to look ahead to new things.

42.  When God created me, he probably didn’t have any packets of attitude left!

43.  I know you are jealous, but there’s no way you can get my heart and mind.

44.  You cannot find everything in life, but as long as you find happiness, you won’t need anything else.

45.  Life doesn’t have to be big and grand. It needs to be real and truly honest.

46.  I know you aren’t happy with my status, but I cannot keep pleasing people.

47.  I love my life and everything else. I am sorry if you are not in the limited edition pack created by God.

48.  I am trying the vegan lifestyle, so please stay away from me.

49.  Choose the people who matter with care because they pretty much can change the things around you.

50.  If you have an attitude towards a good life, the universe will be with you.

Best Attitude status for WhatsApp for girls

51.  Stick to your mind and positive thoughts. No one can take away the way you think.

52.  I know I have a sense of humor and a strong attitude. Both are limited editions.

53.  As much as you try, you can never have enough of good people in life.

54.  Create your own personal statement. Life is too short to copy things, including this status.

55.  You were my most precious thing in life, simply because I love stupidity on boring days.

56.  Nothing lasts for long, for we get new perspective towards most things in life.

57.  If you love someone, you shouldn’t confuse attitude with ego.

58.  When you have good people in life, you don’t need the material things. That’s my attitude for each day.

59.  I know I have a big personality, but I am sure you can handle it.

60.  If you have been trying to steal this status, I bet you to steal my attitude.

61.  I love real people. At least they have a mind that boasts of a unique attitude.

62.  As long as I have a positive outlook, you can never come close to my heart.

63.  Global warming has been heating my mind; else my attitude allows me to handle the most stupid things in life.

64.  At work – and not working! 😀

65.  Yeah right, you are special! So are monkeys in the zoo!

66.  If you were here to see my status, it is hidden for now. Change your attitude, and you will see the difference.

67.  Special things don’t happen all the time, just like my status, which often reflects my mood and attitude.

With all that in place, we will also like to state that all kinds of Attitude status for WhatsApp are meant for personal and individual use, and any kind of commercial copying and use is strictly prohibited. We insist our readers share and use these statuses for their needs, without publishing them on other channels. If you have any kind of request or want to share your personal one-liners, feel free to comment or get back to us on email. We like to read your comments, which only help in making this platform better, and we assure to add thousands of more Attitude status for whatsapp in days to come.

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Majedar Funny Status For Whatsapp

With the mundane world around us and all sorts of bad stories and news, life often feels low and depressed. Welcome to our exclusive section for funny WhatsApp status, where we bring you a smaller dose of smiles and happiness!

funny whatsapp status

Without our collections of funny WhatsApp status, we intend to spread joy while also offering choices for our readers and visitors to share something more humorous on social media status. Although all these funny statuses and one-liners are intended for WhatsApp only, you can also use them for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites too.

Our team of copywriters often spends hours and days making these collections, most of which are original and exclusive to this website. In short, your status picked from one of the collections will always be unique and appealing. Our lists of funny status for WhatsApp are also hilarious and often full of witty one-liners, offering real reasons to smile for that one second of the day.

Funny Whatsapp Status Collection

1.     As much as I would love to take you seriously, the Instagram filters are hard to ignore! 😀

2.     Love is blind for sure, but it becomes deaf and dumb too after marriage!

3.     I wish WhatsApp had a ‘like’ option for the status. I would have been overloaded!

4.     I know you steal my status, and I know you will steal this one too. 😀

5.     The drama on WhatsApp statuses is way more than TV soaps.

6.     Most people use statuses to say what they feel. No wonder, we have tiny TV soaps everywhere!

7.     Facebook has been boring off late. Thanks to your staged WhatsApp statuses! 😀

8.     Your life has to be really boring and dull if you are reading this!

9.     “No Status.” Wife is online! 😀

10.  No sweetheart, I don’t miss you. Just like I don’t miss the things I never owned.

11.  My phone is drunk, and it says, “You are stupid”. Don’t take that seriously.

12.  Love is a four letter word, and so is DOOM. You are doomed, my friend.

13.  I love my life as much as I love my boss. 😀

14.  ‘Hoping to be at the gym someday’ – 😀

15.  No offence but some couples are so mismatched that one has to question astrology services.

16.  She wasn’t ready for commitment. Thank god, I didn’t buy the diamond ring.

17.  No, I don’t want a stunning boyfriend. A big bank account would be just enough.

18.  I wish I had the life of my dog. Sleep, eat, get belly rubs, eat, sleep. Repeat!

19.  You were not meant to be special. After all, God just created me a year before you.

20.  ‘Life should be fun.’ People who say these lines never had my wife’s makeup bills to pay.

21.  ‘Am I looking fat?’ – One question that killed every boyfriend and husband in the world.

22.  Apart from some extra kilos, there’s nothing I have earned this year.

23.  Life is sad and boring. Don’t worry, so are you. 😀

24.  I know there isn’t any escape from hard work, but did someone talk of lottery recently? 😀

25.  Every night I think of my single status, and then realize that mosquitoes are always ready for company!

26.  Every thought how some people are so happy in life? Either they never married or they never complained.

27.  They say nothing in life is permanent, except for my relationship status.

28.  I know you want some drama, but this status is already boring enough.

29.  I kissed her by the beach as the sun started to dip in the ocean. Then, the alarm rang!

30.  She didn’t want to date me. So, I am dating her WhatsApp Status instead.

31.  Special things happen to all. Surely, God doesn’t know the meaning of ‘all.’

32.  My beer is as cold as my wife. 😀

33.  Life is much more than digging into statuses, but hey- keep coming back! I love attention.

34.  If you don’t have a boyfriend, don’t worry. You are among the 20% girls who know the power of being single!

35.  I realize I love my job, especially when I get paid holidays.

36.  Divorces are increasing in India. Don’t get married.

37.  Some people can steal ideas and thoughts. Some of my ideas were found elsewhere in the world 😀

38.  You were really special my love. After all, I know a new level of dumbness.

39.  Work is a pleasure, as long as you don’t have my boss.

40.  Stay single, stay calm, till you see the hot one! 😛

41.  She was really my happiness. Now, she gives me enough reasons to be happy without her 😀

42.  Girls don’t want expensive things, but they just want a dumb boyfriend.

43.  Steal this status, as well. Just like you have been in the past, but can you steal my boss too?

44.  I wrote a letter in love, only to realize that postal stamps are outdated.

45.  I don’t want to marry you, love. As much as I want to, I don’t want to feel stupid.

46.  ‘At work’ – This status is just for my office.

47.  Did you like my new hair? If not, don’t worry. I don’t care either 😀

48.  You are my sunshine. But, I would want some rain now.

49.  ‘I am breaking up with you for being late’- To my future girlfriend!

50.  As much as I love gossip, I know your life is boring.

Funny Whatsapp Status for Girls

51.  We dated and married. Yes, that’s the end of the love 😀

52.  If you are reading this, you will have 13 years of bad luck. Feeling bad now? No worries. Wait for my next status.

53.  I love my wife. She predicts everything, including the weather.

54.  Family is the only asset. I surely agree since everything else sucks.

55.  She was my real love, and I was her real pocket money. 😀

56.  No, my dear, you aren’t as hot as that big diamond in the showroom. 😛

57.  I know you want to find something nice to read, but this status isn’t the place.

58.  She was really perfect, but I love imperfection. 😀

59.  Beauty with brains- You can prove it’s the biggest lie in the world!

60.  ‘Go ahead and take chances’ – Yes, sure! Can you pay my bills?

61.  When life throws a lemon at you, plant a lemon tree!

62.  Style and glamour go hand in hand. Sadly, you don’t have either!

63.  I know you love me, but I am off carbohydrates for a while.

64.  I wrote this status just to waste a couple of seconds from your life. 😀

65.  I don’t cry in the rain to hide my tears, but because I don’t want to ruin my mascara.

66.  Most girls are pretty, and so are you. But you won’t look the same if the filters were few.

67.  Roses are red, violets are blue. Idiots are rare, stupid like you are even few.

68.  I like to talk about the dreams I have because most people in real are beyond mention.

69.  Roses are red, the sky is now blue, as much as I want, I can’t find reasons to love you.

70.  Me: I want to buy 3 new iPhone 6, what’s the cost? Shopkeeper: One kidney, sir!


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Share this list of funny WhatsApp status with your friends and contact and keep coming back for more. We promise to update these lists on a regular basis, and as always, you can also check some of the other segments of this website for more categories.

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